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About Us

Buhous: Elevating Homes with Custom Window Treatments

Based in Massachusetts, USA, Buhous is a high-end custom window treatment e-commerce enterprise that seamlessly integrates design, production, sales, and service. Our dedication revolves around delivering exceptional quality and unparalleled hassle-free service to our customers. Buhous specializes in catering to personalized home needs, offering a diverse range of design styles that culminate in unique and cozy home environments.

Leveraging the strategic advantages of our proximity to China Light Textile City, a comprehensive textile market housing numerous global textile enterprises and professional markets, Buhous gains a distinctive edge. This vital base for China’s textile industry serves as the largest global hub for textile distribution, facilitating trade in nearly a quarter of the world’s fabrics. Textile products originating from this center are exported to 192 countries and regions, a testament to its global significance.

Buhous places unwavering emphasis on international standard originality, infusing our product designs with diverse value. Our 15-member design team, led by a chief designer with a background from the Rhode Island School of Design, spearheads original design concepts. With an international perspective, the team deeply comprehends the common and distinctive demands of the North American consumer market, seamlessly merging global cutting-edge trends with individual user preferences and cultures. This fusion injects our product designs with a refreshing sense of value. Furthermore, the design team consistently introduces novel ideas, presenting monthly professional and comprehensive design proposals along with quarterly collections of outstanding design works, ensuring the competitive nature of our brand.

Buhous boasts a complete manufacturing system fortified by core technological prowess that spans the entire production chain. Our standardized 500-square-meter factory facility houses world-class imported machinery, managed by skilled technicians with over two decades of experience in the fabric industry. This infrastructure empowers Buhous to adeptly process various textiles, including cotton, linen, silk, wool, synthetic fibers, as well as leather, plastic, paper, and other materials. The craftsmanship invested is meticulous, resulting in creations that are both neat and enduring.

Brand Philosophy: Buhous believes in simplifying and enhancing the process of acquiring high-quality, reasonably priced, and diverse custom window treatments for customers. Guided by our core values of “high-end quality, personalized choices, hassle-free service, and simplicity and honesty,” we are dedicated to empowering customers from diverse backgrounds and cultures to express their unique and inviting home environments. Our commitment to diversity and inclusivity fuels our pride in serving customers worldwide.

Brand Slogan: Elevating Homes with Crafting Custom Elegance

Mission and Vision: Buhous is dedicated to offering customized home product solutions to diverse families and communities worldwide, fulfilling people’s aspirations for an ideal home. The company aspires to become a world-class home brand with international influence, positioning itself as a leading enterprise in the global home industry. Buhous aims to enhance the market competitiveness of its offerings while delivering excellence in every facet.


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