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Introducing our exquisite Curtain Elegance Collection - where simplicity meets sophistication. Elevate your home with our Curtain Elegance Collection - a fusion of beauty, craftsmanship, and sophistication. Redefine your space, one curtain at a time.

+ Material

Crafted to perfection, our Basic Curtain embodies elegance in its purest form. Made from luxurious black silk polyester, its gentle pleats create an understated yet timeless aesthetic. Enveloped in a lush shade of deep green, the curtain exudes a sense of opulence, while delicate floral patterns and white lace trimmings weave an intricate tapestry around its edges, showcasing meticulous craftsmanship. When drawn closed, the curtain transforms sunlight into a dance of shadows, accentuating the beauty of your interior furnishings and infusing your space with a sense of openness. Our Curtain Elegance Collection stands as a testament to the art of interior design.

+ Maximum Size

Boasting a substantial thickness, this curtain weighs 920 grams, ensuring a graceful drape that adds character to any room. With a maximum height of 2.8 meters and limitless width possibilities, it accommodates various window sizes with ease.

+ Care and Maintenance

For maintenance as delicate as its appearance, we recommend a gentle hand wash in water at 30℃, followed by natural air drying to preserve its intricate detailing. Remember, this beauty deserves the care of a human touch, not the harshness of machines.



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