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Introducing our exquisite curtain collection - a masterpiece of elegance and style that will transform your living space. Elevate your living space with the Foundation Series Curtain - where craftsmanship meets elegance, and where light dances with fabric to create a symphony of style.

+ Material

Allow us to present the Foundation Series Curtain, crafted from premium black polyester fabric.With its graceful pleated design, this curtain boasts a sophisticated charm that is both timeless and captivating. The curtain's overall luminous color palette complements any interior with its radiant tones. Delicate pearls intricately woven around the edges, coupled with pristine white borders, add a touch of opulence to its impeccable craftsmanship. When drawn to a close, these curtains don't merely block out the sunlight - they enhance the allure of your furniture, casting a gentle spotlight on your home's inherent beauty. Your space instantly feels more expansive and inviting, thanks to the interplay of light and shadow.

+ Maximum Size

Designed for durability, the fabric's thickness adds a sense of luxury while maintaining its functionality. With a weight of 920 grams, these curtains drape beautifully, creating an air of sophistication in any room. With a maximum height of 2.8 meters and limitless width options, your custom window covering awaits.

+ Care and Maintenance

Caring for these curtains is as simple as appreciating their elegance. Gently hand wash in water at 30°C, allowing them to air dry naturally. Remember, these curtains deserve a gentle touch, and machine washing is not recommended.



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