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Introducing our exquisite floral curtain, a masterpiece of elegance and charm. Elevate your living space with our meticulously crafted curtain. Let its elegance and functionality envelop your room in a symphony of artistry and practicality, turning every moment into a masterpiece of beauty and tranquility

+ Material

Crafted from the finest polyester fabric, this curtain showcases a delicate floral pattern that exudes timeless beauty. The fabric gracefully forms pleats, creating an enchanting visual effect that captures the essence of sophistication. In a harmonious blend of white and blue hues, this curtain presents a serene ambiance for any space. Adorned with blooming flowers and lush, majestic leaves woven into its design, it is a work of art that epitomizes craftsmanship. When drawn closed, the curtain basks in the sunlight, accentuating the bedroom's aesthetic appeal and practicality. It transforms your space into a haven of tidiness, while evoking a wondrous sense of inspiration.

+ Maximum Size

This curtain boasts substance and style, with a thickness that's both substantial and luxurious. Each meter weighs a remarkable 1050 grams, ensuring a lavish draping effect. With a maximum height of 2.8 meters and limitless width options, it effortlessly accommodates various window sizes.

+ Care and Maintenance

Maintaining the curtain's splendor is a breeze – a gentle recommendation for dry cleaning ensures its longevity. Avoiding bleach, let this masterpiece air dry naturally, preserving its intricate details and vibrant colors.



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