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Introducing our exquisite floral curtains, a masterpiece that transforms your space into a captivating haven. Elevate your living space with these curtains, where every fold narrates a story, every thread weaves an enchanting tale. Experience the allure of harmonizing beauty and functionality, an embodiment of serenity that whispers a symphony of enchantment into your home.

+ Material

Crafted with the finest polyester fabric, these curtains boast a delicate pleated design, adorned with an array of vibrant colors that dance to life. Imagine gazing upon your window, where intricately woven blue leaves, cheerful yellow birds, and graceful lotus flowers come together in a symphony of hues, each detail a brushstroke of artistry. Every stitch of these curtains embodies meticulous craftsmanship, capturing the essence of elegance. When drawn closed, they create a seamless sanctuary that amplifies the beauty and practicality of your bedroom, basking in the sunlight's embrace. A tapestry of sophistication that whispers tales of refinement.

+ Maximum Size

With a fabric density that exudes opulence, each meter weighs a substantial 1050 grams, ensuring durability and a luxurious feel. The curtains stand tall with a maximum height of 2.8 meters, offering limitless width to perfectly fit your window's dimensions.

+ Care and Maintenance

Care for these curtains is as effortless as their grace. We recommend dry cleaning to preserve their splendor, avoiding bleach to maintain the vivid colors. Let nature do its magic as they gently air dry, ready to envelop your space once again.



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