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Elevate your window treatments with our stylish curtain cornices. Crafted for both beauty and durability, these high-quality cornices add a touch of sophistication to any room. Choose from a wide range of designs and finishes to match your interior style.

+ Material

Crafted with care, these curtains are made from colorful cotton, featuring a sleek black-out design with a polyester composition. Their elegant pleated folds showcase a seamless transition from one panel to another, ensuring a visually pleasing appeal. Embrace a world of imagination as your child's room comes alive with these curtains. The overall theme of tranquil blue is adorned with whimsical hot air balloons and charming little cars, injecting an irresistible sense of playfulness. Even when fully closed, these curtains transform sunlight into a canvas of bedroom beauty, enhancing both the practicality and tidiness of the space while effectively shielding unwanted glare.

+ Maximum Size

We suggest using a 55-inch cornice for your 105-inch curtain. If you have a different height in mind or prefer a different ratio, please specify your preferred height.

+ Care and Maintenance

Worried about maintenance? Worry no more. These curtains are designed to ease your cleaning woes. While they can be gently washed, dry cleaning is recommended for optimal care. Simply allow them to air dry naturally, and they'll be ready to drape your child's haven once again.

C047 Cornice


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