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Elevate your window treatments with our stylish curtain cornices. Crafted for both beauty and durability, these high-quality cornices add a touch of sophistication to any room. Choose from a wide range of designs and finishes to match your interior style.

+ Material

Crafted from vibrant and lustrous cotton, these curtains not only add a pop of color but also offer blackout properties in elegant black. The fabric, made from high-quality polyester, promises durability and a soft touch. Adorned with delicate pleats that create an exquisite ripple effect, these curtains come together in a delightful shade of pink. What's more, the playful design features adorable woven teddy bears, adding a touch of childlike innocence and joy to the room. Experience the magic as these curtains elegantly close, allowing just the right amount of sunlight to grace the space, highlighting the room's beauty and practicality. When fully closed, they maintain the room's tidiness while effectively blocking out the sun's rays.

+ Maximum Size

We suggest using a 55-inch cornice for your 105-inch curtain. If you have a different height in mind or prefer a different ratio, please specify your preferred height.

+ Care and Maintenance

Maintenance is a breeze – while these curtains can be gently machine-washed, dry cleaning is recommended for optimal care. Simply let them air dry for a natural finish that retains their elegance and charm.

C048 Cornice


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