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Elevate your window treatments with our stylish curtain cornices. Crafted for both beauty and durability, these high-quality cornices add a touch of sophistication to any room. Choose from a wide range of designs and finishes to match your interior style.

+ Material

Made from the finest chenille jacquard fabric, these curtains boast a delicate pleated design that gracefully cascades. Bathed in a gentle shade of green, each curtain is adorned with intricate floral patterns, adding a touch of natural beauty to your interior. In the embrace of sunlight, when drawn to a close, these curtains come to life, casting a spotlight on the exquisite furniture within. They are not just curtains; they are the very essence of sophistication that transforms your space, making it appear more expansive and inviting than ever before.

+ Maximum Size

We suggest using a 55-inch cornice for your 105-inch curtain. If you have a different height in mind or prefer a different ratio, please specify your preferred height.

+ Care and Maintenance

To maintain the beauty of these curtains, we recommend gentle care. A delicate hand wash in lukewarm water is advised, with a soaking time not exceeding 30 minutes. Avoid direct exposure to harsh sunlight and let the curtains air-dry naturally with the reverse side facing the sun. For a polished finish, opt for ironing or steaming from the reverse side, ensuring the temperature remains below 100℃.

C001 Cornice


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