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Introducing our exquisite roman curtain collection – a symphony of elegance for your living space. Discover the artistry of our curtains – a fusion of form and function, ready to grace your living spaces with elegance.

+ Material

Crafted with delicate chiffon or durable polyester, these curtains feature a graceful fan-fold design that exudes sophistication. Their translucent white hue allows for a play of gentle light, enhancing the beauty of your bedroom. Meticulously designed, these curtains showcase their ingenuity when fully drawn, as the sun's rays create a mesmerizing interplay of shadows, transforming your bedroom into a haven of beauty and practicality. Say goodbye to clutter, and let these curtains bring an aura of order to your room.

+ Maximum Size

With dimensions of 170 cm in height and 150 cm in width, our Roman-style curtains are tailored to perfection, catering to your window's needs.

+ Care and Maintenance

Worried about maintenance? Fret not. These curtains are as versatile in care as they are in design. Their soft fabric is washing-machine friendly – a quick, gentle wash cycle is all it takes. To preserve their charm, use a laundry bag and keep the water temperature below 30°C. Avoid tumble-drying and direct exposure to sunlight; instead, let them air-dry gracefully in a shaded, ventilated area.



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